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Stress Hacks For My Chummies!

Hey Chummies! Welcome to The Influencing Miss...

Stress can sometimes be too edgy and challenging to deal with. The past year that went by was way more stressful than usual for me. I had been trying to juggle loads of stuffs at the same time ( studying maths was my major stuff though, who else has the same issue with maths ?? Lemme know) and it would never let me relax. We all deal with some or other kind of stress at some point in our lives.

Does anyone feel like there already ?? Busy with work from home or online studying and not getting enough hours for yourself and just stressed up??

Now just let's cut the crap and get right into its hacks. There are some simple and natural hacks that would help you to de-stress.

Meditate Often

Meditation would help you to come out of your stress mentally, take control over your thoughts and acknowledge how insignificant the stressful moment really is. The best approach to start meditating would be to sit in a quiet place and just focus ( focus on one thing i.e. just your breathing).

Socialize With A Friend

Creating a circle of friends and hanging out with them regularly would help to escape from stressful situations. Talking to a friend helps to calm your mind and reduce the body stress levels. Many a times a single positive text from your friend sets the tone.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep and Stress go hand in hand, affecting one another. While sleeping, your hormone levels returns to normal, helping your body and mind stay healthy. It is recommended for an adult to sleep for 6 to 8 hours every night. Sleep is good for stress management, make sure chumm's you get enough sleep so that you're not stressed up the next day.

Workout Often

Your muscles tense, when you're stressed! Warming up your body and then working out a little will help in relaxing your muscles, release body stress and help deal with additional stress all through the day.

Listening To Music

Any music, rather it be a music with a high tempo that would make you block out everything else

or calmer music that would help you to relax and calm yourself helps in stress management.

Listening to music helps your muscles to relax and at the same time it also releases endorphins.

Write In A Journal

Sometimes it's difficult to identify what exactly makes you stressed but you know you are. A great way to overcome this is to write a daily journal. In it, you can write about how you feel, specific things that happened throughout the day and you can keep it private too! This would help you to workout the specific situation you might be constantly getting stressed up about.

Treat Yourself With Chocolates

(my favorite hack😉 )

Treating yourself with a chocolate (or an icecream) doesn't mean that you would eat your feelings away. But it's no secret that chocolate makes you happy. So, just don't forget to treat yourself with a chocolate after a long day's work chumm's.

Perfect Bubble Bath

Bathing is just a mandatory part of our hectic daily routine ( though it shouldn't be). Taking a warm bath or shower with some pleasant scented candles lighted up around would be a great way to show yourself some love and scrub away all day's worries.

Some Pizza & Netflix Please

Sometimes the solution to manage your stress would be as simple as a large cheese pizza and watch an episode of Riverdale or Friends on Netflix. So just sit back, relax and enjoy.

These are some of the ways that has helped me to deal with my stress, and believe me it really works!

Hope you love this post and Happy De-Stressing Chumm's!

Until next time,

XOXO, The Influencing Miss!

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