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My Favorite Flirty Scents‼🔆

Hey Chummies! Welcome to The Influencing Miss...

Wassup chumm's ??? How have you been this quarantine?? As it is said-"The way people smell is more attractive than the way they look", and who doesn't wants to be attractive in today's world! So let's have some fun perfume beauty talk today! When it comes to perfume, I've always been obessed with perfumes, but writing about it is not so easy. Classic, elegant, musky, aromatic, exotic and refreshing- it's really impossible to describe the different scents of perfumes.

Umm... lemme set the scene for you now: you are in an elevator up for a meeting set at 9 am. Suddenly a hot stud or chic comes into the elevator with some files and briefcase into the elevator and you give them a glance naturally like 'heyyy hottiee' and you just get attracted to the person by his/her scent!!

I can see you people already wondering this scene happening with you :) Now hey there get back here come out of that fantasy please, let's continue with our perfume talk here!!!

Okay then, so I have got this dreamy, fanciful and worth-keeping collection of perfumes which I think you should know as it really works out based on different occasions while you go on a date, casual meetings, hangout with friends or even if you are too late and have to go for meeting and couldn't take your bath and just have to use perfume and wash up your face to look as if you are all fresh and lively.

Let's get straight into my collection!!!

Rasasi Blue Lady 'Incontournable...💜

Rasasi Blue Lady 'Incontournable perfume for women, a perfect blend of fragrances that allure your senses and entice emotions. Unique blend of mellow and floral notes, this perfume is the perfect bond of what every women desires. I had got it for myself from the dutyfree while travelling and since then it has been the major part to get dressed up with before stepping out the door. You could shop it out at Amazon, Flipkart, Fragantica, any other perfume stores near you or just click here!

Ajmal Viola Eau De Perfume... 💜

Ajmal Viola Eau De Perfume for women, is a floral fragrance for women. It is new perfume and was launched in 2016 with it's name "Viola". Top notes of Viola are black currant & spicy, bergamot; middle note and less note are jasmine & rose and cedar & vanilla. Well this one was gifted to me by my cute older siso ( sorry sorry sisi your young still, but older to me hahaha...) and from the moment I had used it for the first time I become a die-hard fan of Viola!! You could shop it out at Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Fragantica, any other perfume stores or just click here!

Engage Blush Bodylicious Spray... 💜

Engage Blush Bodylicious Spray for women, present a range of irresistible fragrances fro women. Last but not the least, it is my favorite perfume for daily outgoing or casual hangouts. It just makes me feel graceful and glamorous when am on it and it's scent lasts for more than 24 hours literally. It is the one I would recommend to all my chummies reading this. As I mentioned above-'the way you smell is more attractive than the way you look' and this perfume has always done that work for me! A friend of mine always told me that the way I smell was just love! Well you could shop it out at Amazon, Flipkart, Fragantic, Cilory, Jiomart, any other store near you or just click here!

So this was all I had to share with my chumm's today! Well if you would ever use these and have a remarkable moment, do let me know on my instagram.

Hope you love this post. Happy Flirty Scenting Chummies!

Until next time,

XOXO, The Influencing Miss!

(photo credits: the influencing miss.)

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