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Face-Off with Anxiety...😥

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The truth is from past couple of weeks I have been going through some enfeebling anxiety. It's just about my personal experience of my face-off with anxiety. There have definitely been events in my life that have infuriated the feeling and also I'm an anxious person naturally. I go through seasons with my anxiety.

Since my childhood, I have been staying much alone as both my mamma-dadda were working and we couldn't spend much time together. I was a kinda person who didn't have much friends and prefered to stay isolated a lot. Spending less time with my parents, being much isolated than the rest of the world, not socializing much with other people was the just the beginning stage of my anxiety.

I didn't realize how bad my anxiety was until I started managing it. Fear took my life over and stopped me from doing normal everyday things that should be an non-issue. I started over-analyzing every thing I did or even thought about doing. One minute you feel normal and then the next minute your just gaah! You feel nervousness, restlessness, become tense, your breathing & heart rate increases rapidly, you feel weakness and get lazy, trembling and muscle twitching, continous increase of your blood pressure and last but not the least obsessions about certain things.

Sometimes my anxiety is just crippling. Eventually, if not controlled I freak out.

So over past few years I have really tried to narrow my anxious persona towards positive outlets.

You would question me now like what?

Anything beneficial~

♡ Watch a movie.

♡ Cooking/ Baking.

♡ Take a walk by the ocean.

♡ Workout, exercise, meditate or perform yoga.

♡ Going for long early morning or evening walks.

♡ Spending time with family, friends or loved ones.

♡ Listen to podcasts that would change your mood.

♡ Listening to relaxing music or your favorite songs.

♡ Take a warm bubble bath with scented candles around.

♡ Read your favorite books or any other novels you prefer.

♡ Remind Yourself how lucky you are to be alive and healthy.

♡ Organize all your closets, cabinets, get rid of stuff and clean- lol.

♡ Take long drives to random new places you never visited before.

♡ Alternate nostril breathing helps your body and mind to calm down.

Okay! So lemme ask you some questions now: do you have anxiety? If yes, then how do you deal with it? I hope this post helps anyone out there reading this post who experiences anxiety.

Stay strong and healthy.

Until next time,

XOXO, The Influencing Miss!

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