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College Admissions^COVID-19 Pandemic!

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Let's talk bout how the current pandemic is gonna affect the college admissions for the the 2020-2021 batch. Already after completing the board exams around 5 months back, the students were eagerly waiting for their results so that they could further plan on what they want to pursue and which college or university they would apply in for it. So now when the results are out the next question is "How are students gonna handle the college admissions this pandemic?".

The college search process is both exciting as well as nerve-wrecking. It's the time of their life where they think what the next three/four years of life could bring them. But don't shy away and reach out to the organisation you would like to take admission in. Whatever profession you choose to develop your skills further be Management, Engineering, Chartered Accountant, Pharmacy, Law, Fashion, Journalism, Tourism, etc you always prefer to get admission into a well renowned college so that after completing your studies you get a high-salaried, optimistic and perfect job that you have dreamed of having!

Well in this pandemic situation now, I guess we'll all will have to attend online classes sitting at home with a bowl of popcorn by our side and listen to the lectures like we'll be watching online movie on Netflix gaah! ( lol ) Just kidding. So this current situation has also changed the admission process of every colleges and universities, first we had to take the admission form then write a written test and a face to face interview with the organisation head. But now the only option that we have got is to apply for admission online and then a online written test where they literally keep an eye on you through that creepy laptop camera of yours and then a Whatsapp video call with some random person of the college. Like this new trend of college admissions has totally hit out now.

The future batches are gonna get much more easy options then us and yeah come on I'm jealous of the eases that they are gonna get! Am completely sick of it now huh!

Hope you get admissions where you desired for chumm's! Hope you love this post!

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