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Coffee+Reading {Must}...

Hey Chummies! Welcome to The Influencing Miss...

Work from home ?? Or the same boring lockdown routine that you have got chumm's ??? Wanna try new things but don't know what to do or tired of trying new stuffs and just left it now ??

Now there's a way to get away with all your boredom i.e. a cup of coffee + reading! This one of my favorite things that I have been constantly doing this lockdown. Now tell me, how much would I just watch movies or do household tasks that I would do to help my mom or just sleep for hours and hours like a sleeping beauty ? I was just bored of this everyday routine that wouldn't just help me in anyway!

So just thought of a new idea that would be of some use to me and that would coffee+reading!

{☕+📖} Reading is such an important part of my life and I love reading books of all genres (rather it be action, adventure, classics, comic, mystery, fantasy, horror, biographies, romance, or literary fiction). I have always loved reading novels more than my school books...sush it's a secret!!! 🤭 Out of my 24 hours, I give 1-2 hours of mine for reading (usually at night before sleeping).

It's just a bliss while I grab a cup of coffee with a novel in my hand! So now if you done watching everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime already ( LOL ) here are some of the books that I highly recommend for my readers, let's get right into it...

❤ Girl On Fire - Cara Alwill

❤ Joy At Work - By Rachel Hollis

The Alchemist - By Paul Coelho

❤ Girl Online (series) - By Zoe Sugg

❤ Divergent (series) - By Veronica Roth

❤ Girls Stop Apologizing - Rachel Hollis

❤ Million Love Songs - By Carole Matthews

So, these are all the books I have been reading this quarantine. I have just started Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. What are you reading ?? Anything that I gotta add to my list ??

Happy Reading!

Until next time,

XOXO, The Influencing Miss!

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