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Chai : The Sweetest Cup!

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Tea ( Chai as Indians say) is much more than a casual drink to begin your day with in India. This thick sweet drink has become an integral part of daily life of every Indian. As per stats, Indians consume 837,000 tonnes of tea every year, making it the most popular and loved beverage. In fact, if you ever walk down any local Indian streets, you'll definitely find chaiwallahs (tea vendors) boiling up a hot chai for their customers. Due to this lockdown, the 4 pm tapri ki chai wali break with your buddies must be a major missing for some of my readers.

Being someone who loves chai a lot, I have come across diverse chai-lovers! Some like it simple & plain, some like it with more milk or some like masala chai, some like more sweet or some like it more strong in flavor, the demands are never ending. Among these, are those who like the typical cutting chai that the chaiwallahs sell on the tapris.

My love for chai goes back to my childhood, when the sudden sniff of aroma would just lure me into the kitchen to get a cup of chai for myself while my mom used to make it for herself. At present, every morning I get up I make myself a cup of chai and also in the evenings I have one. You could say that a cup of chai is my kind of poison.

It also plays the role of perfect companion while meeting new people and it is served while guests come at home (most preferable drink though). On special occasions, chai is also served as a welcome drink to friends, family and homecoming guests.

Well, my most remarkable moment of having a cup of chai was with one of my close friend last year along with a shawarma wrap (one of famous hyderabadi wraps) on a local tapri roadside. That feeling is just beyond description - cup of cutting chai and a shawarma wrap (PS: Hope those days come again!!!).

What's your remarkable stories with a cup of chai ?? Do let me know.

Hope you love this post. Have a cup of positivitea chummies ❤.

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XOXO, The Influencing Miss!

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